London County Hall in Lambeth

London county hall
London county hall


London county hall


London county hall



London County Hall


Formerly the headquarters of the London City Council and Greater London Council, the London

County Hall is a building in Lambeth, London, on the River Thames bank, north of Westminster Bridge.

The County Hall currently serves as site of different businesses and attractions including the

London Aquarium, Dali Universe and Namco Station amusement arcade.

This Edwardian Baroque-styled main building designed by Ralph Knott, was opened in 1922 by King George V. The other buildings, North, South and Island blocks, were completed in 1974. Its function as headquarters of the City Council went to an end When Margaret Thatcher abolished the GLC in 1986. There were plans to transform the County Hall into a relocation spot of the London School of Economics and was temporarily used by the Inner London Education Authority but was also closed down in 1990. Currently, most of the building is vacant, including the entire fourth and fifth floors.

Other interesting attractions in the County Hall include a permanent exhibition of Nasser Azam, two hotels (Premier Inn and Marriott Hotel), the Saatchi Gallery, and a number of restaurants and function hall.

The building was also used as a shooting location for the 2007 series Comic Relief does Fame Academy.