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When you just wish but to sit still in one London's corners to engulf the scenery of the majestic historic city, a number of cafes is waiting for you, not only to give you a relaxing respite, but delectable flavors

as well. London's cafes offer exciting selections that cater to everyone. It includes the old-fashioned Regency Cafe, for those who want to enjoy an affordable plate of food and a mug of tea under a cozy atmosphere.

Artsy people will definitely enjoy viewing stills while munching sandwiches on urban75's famous exhibit cafe, the Photographers Gallery in Newport Street, which is a famous place of retreat. Another recommended place to relax is the New Piccadilly Cafe behind the Piccadilly Circus in Denman Street.


Enter the cafe and you'll be transported back in time, with the cozy interior of vintage table and lighting. Its menu of snacks and beverages are also reasonably priced. Bookworms and jazz lovers may find Ray's Jazz Cafe in Charing Cross Road fittest to their taste, being located on the first floor of Foyles bookstore, although the sandwiches and coffees is a little bit expensive compared to the earlier mentioned cafes.

Other popular hangout cafes in London are Ed's Easy Diner in Moor Street, Arnos Cafe in Bowes Road, Workman's Inn in Sheperdess Walk and Bonnington Centre Café in Vauxhall Grove, among others.