Houses of Parliament or Westminster Palace

Houses of parliament and big ben
Houses of parliament and big ben


Houses of parliament and big ben


Houses of parliament and big ben



Houses of Parliament


The Palace of Westminster or Houses of Parliament on the north bank of the River Thames is the meeting point of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, which are the Houses of the Parliament of United Kingdom. The tourist attraction has 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases and three miles of corridors. The building was erected in the 19th century, but only the Westminster Hall and the Jewel Tower remained as original structures as the rest was devastated by a fire in 1834.

Before the two houses gained control of the Palace in 1965, the Lord Great Chamberlain, who now

holds some of the ceremonial rooms, had the main duty.

Gothic architecture embraced the exterior of Palace of Westminster, which was designed by classical architect Sir Charles Barry with Augustus Pugin's assistance. The stonework was initially made from Anston but was replaced by Clipham Stone in 1928 when the Anston started decaying.

The Palace is popular for its main towers namely: Victoria Tower, Central Tower, the Clock Tower (most popularly known as the Big Ben) and St. Stephenís Tower. Other towers include Speaker's and Chancellor's Towers.

The Palace is open to the public, who can enjoy the galleries and debates. The Prime Ministerís Question Time every Wednesday afternoon is considered the best time to visit, although one needs to book a ticket through the embassy.