Covent Garden in Westminster City

Covent garden
Covent garden


Covent garden


Covent garden



Covent Garden


Shop like there's no tomorrow in London's Covent Garden district, the easternmost parts of the City of Westminster. This area surrounded by street performers and entertainment facilities also connects to

the Royal Opera House, London's Transport Museum, St. Paul's church and Seven Dials area.

Covent Garden, which traces its history back to the 1500s, started to become a major source of fruit

and vegetables in London that led to its development to a market, shopping center and tourist attraction in the mid-1900s. Covent Garden became popular for its novelty shops and performers frequenting on the West and East Piazza's/James Street. There is also a range of clothing stores, boutiques and shoe shops, most popular of which is Neal Street. The street, named after Seven Dials' designer Thomas Neale, is a major attraction for fashion-oriented youth.

UK's first food Night Market was also launched in Covent Garden in August 2007 that spawned 35 food stalls including Gourmet Candy Company, Ginger Pig sausages, Spore Boys' mushroom sandwiches

and more. The installment of the Night Market aims to bring back Covent Garden's title as the "Larder of London." However, the number of street performers was cut down to 50% in 2008 with the courtyard space became exclusive to classical music only.

Aside from the famous Apple Market and Jubilee Market, Covent Garden also has a wide array of options for bars, pubs, restaurants, delis and hotels.